Soap making kit (shea butter)

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Do you want to make soaps? 

The Melt and Pour technique is a simple method to learn how to make soap.

In this soap making box, you will find everything you need to make 6 homemade soaps. Choose your fragrance, your dye and follow the instructions! 

Your box contains:

- 1 silicone mold (6 oval soaps)

- 530 gr of soap base (Melt and Pour type)

- 1 fragrance of your choice

- 1 dye of your choice 

- 1 mixing stick

- 1 bottle of alcohol-based solution

- 1 instruction sheet

  You now have the option of purchasing this set without the silicone mold. You have already ordered this set but would like to try another selection of fragrances/dyes. This option is for you! 

*Please note that the calibration of the recipe has been set up according to the use of this mold specifically. Using another mold will not give the same result.


You will need a large, microwave-safe bowl with a pouring spout and a small whisk.

You want to give this set as a gift, we can wrap the box for you! You will have the option available in your shopping cart. 

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Beau produit

Heureuse du produit emballé comme un cadeau dans sa boîte blanche. J’ai acheté avec le rabais de la vagues de concours et c’était un excellent rabais. Je trouve les produits peu cher po je tout ce qu’on obtient. Très satisfaisant

J'adore !

J'ai beaucoup aimé mon expérience avec la boîte de création de savons. Les instructions sont faciles à comprendre et c'est super simple. Les savons sentent super bons!!

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