I am Nadia Philippe-Auguste, founder of MadeBySoi. Mom of two young children, pastry chef and avid knitter, I have always loved homemade. This curiosity and interest in learning how to do everything, but above all, this need to create with one's own hands, has always been omnipresent. As a vocation daycare educator, the animation of big thematic games and educational workshops has always inspired me.


"Learn and create while having fun is our motto."


Formerly at the helm of Mangues & Délices, a small tailor-made cake making company, I was looking for another medium of expression. It was during my maternity leave that I discovered a passion for making handmade candles. Combining fragrances, waxes and multiple experiments, I realized the complexity of this art for novices like me. Why not simplify it all? That is where I got the idea of ​​making creative hobby boxes. Offer in one complete package all the necessary elements to carry out small projects. The environment is important to us; that is why we prioritize natural, toxin-free ingredients and recyclable materials.


Share your creations with us and, have fun!


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