How to

Are you ready to enter the world of handmade candles? Nothing's easier! Thanks to our creative box and the following instructions, you will be able to create two 100% personalized candles!

1. Gather the content of the box. Warning: It is important to do one candle at a time!

2. Prepare the bain-marie (small cauldron of water and glass or stainless steel bowl).

3. Melt the wax (over medium heat).

4. Using a thermometer, heat the wax to 199F-200F.

5. Remove from heat and let stand until 185F.

6. Pour the fragrance of your choice.

7. Mix for 2 minutes to incorporate.

8. The mixture should now rest again to reach 135F. During this time, prepare your wick by putting on the double-sided tape.

9. Stick the wick to the bottom and make sure it's centered.

10. Read the prevention label carefully before placing it on the bottom of the container.

11. Once the wax and fragrance mixture has reached 135F, pour everything into the container.

If necessary, use a funnel or pour the contents into a small pitcher with a spout.

12. Now this is the hardest step. Let your candle harden for a minimum of 2-3 days and up to 2 weeks. Avoid moving the candle unnecessarily until the wax has started to set.

13. Cut the wick ½ inch of the surface of the wax (with cissors or wick trimmer). Give your candle a name, put on the inspirational tag and enjoy!

You deserve it 😊

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